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Losing a former dj and a mod of R S Games isn’t exactly the way to end a day!
When we lose someone like that no matter who it is I get downright upset!
Even though I only knew Jacob as an online friend and dj on old W R 9 7 9 I won’t forget the time back on November 27 2009 when my dog Balene died and I was going to broadcast on that Friday afternoon! Once I found out about the death of my dog that Friday morning Tim and I called Jacob that day to inform him that I simply couldn’t broadcast that afternoon!
Jacob was extremely understanding that day so I canceled my broadcast long before I would’ve set up my playlist!
I don’t remember if he was on old Klanggo but Jacob Sexton will be sorely missed!


  1. I met tt’ al rit! Howvr I’m ot Srh! I did ve ado at ttmwhle livng in EdmontoAB but I’m now livnghappiy wit y huby in Halifax NS Canda!

  2. Tha’al riht! No I’mnt Sarh butI iavafmiyogtht tim! Sine t I’ve been livng in Halfax NS Cand!

  3. nice to see your blog and sorry about the loss of jacob are you sara from baltormore or no

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